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Lifting Machinery
Earth Moving Machinery
Road Building Machinery
XCMG 3Y153J static three drum roller
XCMG XLZ2103E road cold recycler soil stabilizer
XCMG XLZ2103 Road cold recycler Soil stabilizer
XCMG XLZ230K Road Cold Recycler
XCMG XLZ2103S road road marking cold recycling machine
XCMG cold recycler machine XLZ2303K road reclaimers
XCMG Road Reclaimers XLZ2305K Road Cold Recycler
XCMG Vibratory Road Roller Hydraulic Landfill Compactor XH283J
XCMG 22ton static three drum road roller 3Y223J
Tandem road roller XMR083
XCMG XMR153 Road Roller
XCMG 3 ton Mini Double Vibratory road Roller XMR303 Light Compactor Equipment
XCMG Light Vibratory Roller XMR303S 3ton Road Roller
XCMG 4 ton Light double drum vibratory roller earth compactor machine XMR403 small road roller
XCMG XMR403S double drum vibratory compactor machine small road roller
XCMG XMR603 Road Roller
XCMG XS113 Single Drum Vibratory Roller
XCMG XS113E Single Drum Vibratory Roller
XCMG 10 ton vibratory road roller XS103H earth compactor machine road roller
XCMG 12 tons vibratory road roller XS123
XCMG 14-16ton Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Road Roller, Vibratory Compactor XS163
XCMG XS183 hydraulic single drum vibratory road roller
XCMG XS123H Road Roller
XCMG 22ton Single Drum Road Roller XS223 Vibrator New Road Roller
XCMG XS143H Road Roller
XCMG 26ton Hydraulic Single Drum Vibratory Rollers XS263
XCMG 16ton full hydraulic single drive vibratory road roller compactor XS163H
XCMG 14ton road roller vibratory XS143J
welded/exchanged padfoot drum XS333 Full Hydraulic road Roller Vibratory Compactor 33t welded padfoo
XCMG 18 ton vibratory road roller XS183H
Logistic Transport Machinery
Concrete Machinery
Aerial working platform&special purpose vehicle
Drilling Machinery
Environment Machinery
Fire Machinery
Mining machinery
Truck crane parts
Wheel Loader Parts
Road Roller Parts
Excavator Parts
Work Tools
Motor Grader Parts
Crawler crane parts
Truck-Mounted Crane Parts
Bulldozer parts
Forklift parts
Hydraulic parts
Paver parts
Engine parts
XCMG unmanned road machinery
XCMG milling machine
XCMG truck-mounted crane tunnel power grid laying
Global war "epidemic"! XCMG's "disinfection truck" has arrived in Thailand!
XCMG XGH5250GXYZ6 suction and pressure delivery vehicle
2021 Happy new year!
XCMG 16 ton truck crane QY16KC with 2 bridges and 4 sections with 33 m main boom
XCMG All Terrain Crane—XCA500
XCMG Tower Crane helps build Morgan Tower in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!
XCMG wall cleaning truck XGH5180TXQZ6
XCMG Electric Loader XC958-EV
XCMG crawler crane XGC16000
XCMG All Terrain Crane XCA600
XCMG XDE240 Electric Drive Dump Truck
XCMG’s Machineries Contribute to the Construction of Refinery in Nigeria
XCMG Launched its Luffing Tower Crane for Wind Power Installation with the Largest Lifting Capacity
Liugong wheel loader CLG862 spare parts
XCMG Excavators Help the Cooperation between China and Cambodia
The First One in China! XCMG Unmanned Hydraulic Excavators Are Delivered to the Mining Area Release
HOWO dump turck spare parts
XCMG wheel loader LW500F spare parts
XCMG crane telescopic cylinder
Scientific and technological revolutions make manufacturing "intelligent"
700 units of XCMG mining equipment at a mining area in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia
Ten Years on, the 3rd “World’s Top Crane” Delivered!
Move With the Wind! The Amazing Debut of the “King of Wind Power Lifting” Over 160 Meters!
XCMG crane QY50KA to Kenya
XCMG Rotary Drilling Rigs Participate in another Millennium Project
XCMG crane QY50KA to Tanzania
XCMG crane XCT130 spare parts
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