• XCMG truck crane QY55K5C_2


The XCMG truck crane QY55K5C_2 has a main boom of 48m, a large span of 7.9m, a combined counterweight of 15t, and a 11.4t hoist with a full extension of 10m. The frame of the QY55K5C_2 adopts a reinforced anti-twist box High-grade outriggers, 6.3m in length and 7.9m in width, large outrigger span, low outrigger height, and short vertical oil cylinder stroke; with 15t combined counterweight to ensure the crane's long-distance hoisting, the stability of the hoisted body and the safety of operation.

QY55K5C_2 adopts the most stable U-shaped main boom, single-plate boom head with high lap ratio, and compact boom tail structure to ensure high bearing capacity of the main boom, no bending or folding, and safe hoisting without accidents.

The dual-pump automatic flow separation and confluence control technology used in QY55K5C_2 realizes the combination of any working conditions of lifting, luffing and slewing, and the coordination of compound actions is good.


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