• XCMG excavator in Ethiopia


Recently, 20 XCMG excavators were working on the Ethiopian road project. The total mileage of the project is 156.589km and is expected to be completed in February 2023.

In order to ensure strong digging force under extreme working conditions, XCMG XE370D adopts heavy-duty strengthened working devices and reinforced chassis to improve construction reliability and stability; it is equipped with Isuzu engine and Kawasaki hydraulic system, which has strong power and greatly speeds up excavation and loading and crushing operation efficiency; the latest generation controller is applied to optimize the matching of engine power and reduce the fuel consumption of the whole machine, which is economical and durable.

"The project is located in a remote location and the construction environment is harsh. The presence of XCMG has greatly improved the construction efficiency of the project and saved us precious construction time!" Mr. Liang, the project procurement manager, praised.

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