• XCMG loader ZL50G works for 10,000 hours without failure

Recently, in Turkey, an XCMG ZL50G loader that has been delivered to users for 8 years and has accumulated 10,000 hours of work has been replaced with new equipment and continues to work.

In 2014, a local building material company purchased an XCMG ZL50G loader out of trust in Chinese manufacturing after full investigation. ZL50G is a classic model of XCMG loader with strong power, stability and high efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with a diesel engine that is highly compatible with XCMG box axles. The technology is mature and stable. It has successfully passed CE certification and complies with European regulations. It is favored by the Central and Eastern European market.

Due to the excellent performance of the equipment, users successively purchased 5 XCMG ZL50G loaders and 2 XCMG XE150C excavators to boost their business development.


In 8 years, the first ZL50G has worked for 10,000 hours, and the building materials company has successfully ranked among the top ten in the local industry.

According to follow-up information, this XCMG ZL50G is still doing the main work of shoveling and feeding materials at the commercial concrete station. User feedback: "Only need to maintain the filter element and oil products daily, and you can leave the work to this one with complete confidence."


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