• XCMG XGH5250GXYZ6 suction and pressure delivery vehicle

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XCMG XGH5250GXYZ6 suction pressure delivery vehicle can absorb untreated dust in the exhaust gas, so that the reused raw materials in the dust can be recycled and reprocessed.

Triple filtration integrated high efficiency

Equipped with high-power Roots blower and three-stage dust removal filter system, the maximum suction air volume can reach 9744m³/h, the maximum vacuum can reach 90%, the vertical suction range is 30m, the horizontal suction range is more than 100m, and the dust removal filter system is for dust above PM10 The particle filtration rate can reach 99%.

Smart remote control user friendly

Extending the nerve endings of the product control system, equipped with a wireless remote control, the longest remote control distance can be up to 400m, which can meet the use of a variety of operating scenarios, and achieve "zero contact" between workers and industrial materials.

Confined operation to prevent pollution

The tank body is made of 5mm thick high-strength weathering steel, which has good rust and corrosion resistance and strong pressure-bearing capacity. The rear door is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder locking device, which has good airtightness and prevents the leakage of pollutants in the tank from causing secondary pollution.

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