• Global war "epidemic"! XCMG's "disinfection truck" has arrived in Thailand!

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Recently, XCMG’s “Multifunctional Dust Suppression Vehicle” spanned nearly 3,000 kilometers and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand.

Contribute XCMG's strength to promote international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, and conduct free disinfection and epidemic prevention operations for the local area.

Add a certain proportion of disinfectant stock solution to the water, and XCMG's "multifunctional dust suppression vehicle" can activate the "disinfection" function.

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The disinfection water is atomized by high pressure and sprayed from the wind tube, the water droplets have strong penetrating power and are harmless to the environment.

The spraying distance can reach up to 120m, which can effectively prevent the breeding and spread of viruses and bacteria.

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