• Upgraded XCMG Grader GR1803Ⅱ


XCMG GR1803Ⅱ grader is an upgraded version of GR1803. 

1. Reinforced drive axle

XCMG motor grader GR1803Ⅱ adopts XCMG patented rear axle technology, with slewing bearing structure, industry-leading differential, reinforced forged wheels and other technologies, which effectively enhance the load-bearing capacity, is more suitable for harsh working conditions, and greatly increases the service life. This rear axle has undergone a variety of extreme working condition assessment tests and can be used continuously under extreme working conditions.


2. Strongly reinforced front axle

The single-cylinder steering front axle with XCMG patented technology, combined with the frame articulation, has a smaller turning radius, and the whole machine is more maneuverable. The use of cast front axle steering joints and tilt joints greatly improves the load capacity and service life of the front axle.


3. Upgraded power system

The engine speed reduction setting meets the low-speed and high-torque output of the vehicle under heavy load. At the same time, the working life of the engine is extended, noise and exhaust emission concentration are also reduced, and environmental pollution is reduced. It has two operating modes: power and economy, which can effectively save fuel and reduce usage costs.


4. Reinforced working device

Equipped with the domestic first high-frequency heat treatment gear ring, gear transmission technology with independent intellectual property rights, new craft blades and high wear-resistant bushings, which further improve the service life of the working device. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the frame plates, the large bending plate of the blade, and the bottom plate of the traction frame are all thickened, which has higher reliability and longer service life.


5. Upgrade the air conditioning system

Equipped with air-conditioning for both heating and cooling, a circulating air duct is arranged in the cab, which can not only prevent the air duct from blowing directly on the driver, but also meet the temperature requirements in the cab.


6. Enhanced gearbox

XCMG motor grader GR1803Ⅱ adopts a brand-new design, with high reliability, long life, high-profile motor grader power shift hydraulic gearbox, high-efficiency and low-consumption "double-variable" matching performance makes the power transmission more efficient and smooth, based on ergonomics Operation control technology, comfortable operation, smooth gear shifting and labor saving.


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