• XCMG backhoe loader delivery

Recently, 2 units XCMG backhoe loader were delivered to client by bulk ship.  


XCMG backhoe loader XC870K, with Dalian Deutz engine 74.9kW,  4 in 1 bucket

drive type 4x4, cabin with AC, yellow color


XCMG back hoe loader XC870K is upgraded on the basis of the mature equipment and technical performances of present products, including the upgrade of engine emission, lightweight upgrade of structural parts, and of working device parameters, to further improve the comfort, safety, maintainability, reliability, supportability, and economy of the product.

Advantages and Highlights:

* Ensure strong soil holding capacity.

* Features high operation efficiency, with the breakout force up to 63kN.

* Features good levelness of bucket and rapid operations.

* The ultra-high discharge height (2770mm) and ultra-high breakout force (66kN) lead the like products.

* Features large space, good sound and heat insulation, and good shock absorption.

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