• XCMG rotary drilling rig helps the construction of China Thailand high speed railway

One belt, one road, is the key link between China and Thailand in mutually beneficial cooperation. It is also an important interconnection project between the two countries under the "one belt and one road" framework.

At present, the pile foundation construction of China Thailand high-speed railway is being carried out efficiently and orderly. XCMG XR280E has also achieved "China speed" with its hard core strength. The monthly working hours of a single XCMG rotary drilling rig in the project is about 300h, and the average daily working time is 14.6h, which is far more efficient than that of its peers.

The "full attendance and high efficiency" state of XCMG rotary drilling rig has completely changed the concept of the project party on Chinese construction machinery and equipment for customers who are loyal fans of European and American brands. Degas, the Italian account manager, said: "XCMG bore pile machine really overpriced me. The machines are working effectively and steadily. We trust XCMG products!"

After years of intensive cultivation, Thailand's localized service and accessories system has been continuously optimized, and the service commitment of "0 minute response, 4 hours in place and 24 hours to solve problems" has been strictly implemented. XCMG rotary drilling rig has become a golden signboard standing in Thailand, and its market share ranks first.


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