• XCMG V7 pump truck helped the closure of the world's first cross sea high-speed railway bridge

Quanzhou Bay sea crossing bridge is 20.287 km long and 8.96 km long. It is the first sea crossing high-speed railway bridge in China and the first long-span sea crossing cable-stayed railway bridge with a driving speed of more than 300 km / h in the world.

The main span is 400m long, the height of the main tower is 160.254 m, which is equivalent to the height of 50 multi-storey buildings, and the pouring volume of a single main tower is 11230.65 M ³, It can be as stable as a rock even in a strong wind of force 12.

Due to the particularity of offshore construction, shaking will occur due to wind during construction. After multiple visits and investigations, the construction team finally chose XCMG V7 pump truck.

Focusing on the needs of customers and ensuring stable construction, XCMG pump truck adopts many industry-leading "black technologies" such as full hydraulic reversing, arc outrigger, skirt valve pumping and intelligent boom 2.0, which can quickly adapt to various extreme construction environments. This time, XCMG pump truck has successfully completed various pouring construction tasks at the pouring site of the main tower of the bridge.


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